Today’s healthcare environment requires product and service solutions that can deliver and manage the ever changing challenges of patient demographics, increasing acuity, environmental conditions and economic influences.

Since Ray Hausted started in 1949, our team is still inspired and committed to listening and interacting with our customers to achieve the best innovative solutions and continually improves them.

Customer satisfaction and quality are Hausted’s key drivers impacting the selling, servicing, developing and manufacturing of our products. Dedicated and focused research, engineering, testing, compliance and process control ensures safe and reliable solutions for our customers and their patients. Hausted inspects and tests all of its products to strict requirements before being delivered to our customers.

Because we care at Hausted, we are constantly improving processes and raising our standards to serve our customers more effectively to provide the finest product possible. The Hausted team believes that this commitment to provide offerings that meet or exceed expectations results in effective, safe and productive care delivery and desired outcomes, thus satisfied customers.