Horizon® Pediatric Stretcher is ideal for the littlest patients who need the most protection. For infants to six years old,  it provides the safety and security of 360° patient protection and patient access.


  • 325 lb (147 kg) Weight Capacity*
  • Adjustable backrest from 0° – 45° for patient comfort
  • Dual Side Foot Controls for easy height adjustment and 10° Trendelenburg positioning
  • Extra high side rails provide three positions for patient safety, access and transfer
  • Removable end rails to allow easy patient access
  • Brake and Steer Controls accessible at all four corners
  •  3 in (8 cm) Comfort Mattress Pad, Navy

Standard Accessories

  • Built-In O2 Tank Holder (Base)
  • Permanently Mounted Telescoping IV Pole

Optional Accessories

  • Side & End Rail Pad Covers – H00011P00B
  • Telescoping IV Pole – H000018
  • Vertical Oxygen Tank Holder – H12845000