Horizon® Pediatric Transport Stretcher


Stretcher series intended for transport, examination, and care of pediatric-age patients in healthcare facilities. Provides the safety and security of 360 patient protection, as well as 360 patient access when needed. The three position vertical side rails are easy to use and provide maximum patient security. The dual pedestal design provides maximum stability for patient transport, treatment, and recovery.


  • 325 lb (147 kg) Weight Capacity*
  • Adjustable backrest from 0° – 45° for patient comfort
  • Dual Side Foot Controls for easy height adjustment and 10° Trendelenburg positioning
  • Extra high side rails provide three positions for patient safety, access and transfer
  • Removable end rails to allow easy patient access
  • Brake and Steer Controls accessible at all four corners
  • 3 in (8 cm) Comfort Mattress Pad with Sure-Check Cover