Mobile stretcher designed for use with fluoroscopy machines (C-arms). Full length, radiolucent tops translate 18 inches to either end providing excellent patient access without repositioning. The hourglass-shaped, trimmed base accommodates a wide range of C-arms. Offers the security of a treatment table with the mobility of a stretcher.


  • 500 lb (227 kg) Weight Capacity*
  • Full length, radiolucent top translates to either end
  • 18 in (43 cm) Sliding Top enables a broader range of imaging capacity without repositioning the patient
  • Hourglass base design with trimmed sides creates an excellent window for C-arm access from both sides
  • 23 in (53 cm) C-arm Clearance
  • Increased maneuverability with dual column base support
  • Stainless Steel 6-Leg, 3-Position Retracto Rails with Built-In Push-Steer Handles
  • Dual Side Foot Controls for easy height adjustment and Trendelenburg positioning
  • 3 in (8 cm) Comfort Mattress Pad with Sure-Check Cover

Standard Accessories

  • 3 Stage Permanently Mounted IV Pole
  • Built-In Oxygen Tank Holder (Base)
  • Safety Strap

Optional Accessories

  • Armboard w/ 1 in (2.5 cm) Pad and Surgical Rail Adapter – H07633400
  • Lateral X-Ray Cassette Holder – H00005400
  • Telescoping IV Pole – H000018
  • Vertical Oxygen Tank Holder – H12845000