Horizon® Fluoro-Track 493 Series Fluoroscopy Stretcher

Mobile stretcher designed for use with fluoroscopy machines (C-arms). Full length, radiolucent tops translate to either end providing excellent patient access. The hourglass shaped, trimmed base accommodates a wide range of C-arms. Offers the security of a treatment table with the mobility of a stretcher.

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Horizon Series X-Ray Trauma Stretcher

Stretcher series intended for transport, treatment, and recovery of patients’ intra-and interdepartmentally in healthcare facilities. The unit offers unparalleled full length X-ray capabilities, the security of a treatment table, and mobility of a stretcher. The radiolucent patient surface allows clear imaging. To ensure patient comfort, the patient surface can be adjusted through a variable range of positions, including stretcher height adjustment and backrest adjustment.

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Video Imaging Chair (VIC)

Chair designed specifically for modified barrium swallow studies for AP and Lateral imaging as a procedural chair for diagnosis and treatment. The shortened base is easy to maneuver in small rooms with large imaging equipment. The radiolucent backrest adjusts to a full upright position of 90 to clear, unobstructed view for imaging. Inserts are available for pediatric procedures. This unit adjusts easily from sitting to supine and provides a rotating seat section with a stable work surface during patient treatment. Transport, treatment, procedure, and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turn around and stream-line patient handling. (VIC429ST)

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