Intensive/Cardiac Care

Powered All Purpose Chair (EPC) Series

Versatile, easy to use, and time efficient. Treat, transfer, and transport patients on a comfortable chair configuration. Provides positioning capabilities for a variety of procedures and all phases of treatment. Ideal for Emergency/Triage and same day services. (EPC250ST & EPD250ST)

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All Purpose Chair (APC) Series

The EPC All Purpose Chair provides superior mobility and maneuverability and is intended for intra- and inter-departmental transport

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Surgi-Chair (ESC) Series

Mobile surgical platform for Arthroscopy, EYE/ENT, Plastic Surgery, and Same Day Services procedures in a chair configuration. Chair configuration provides a comforting setting for the patient; easily converts to the supine position. Infinite adjustability of the articulating headpiece assures proper positioning; low profile headpiece design offers unparalleled site access for the surgeon. (ESCEYEST & ESDEYEST)

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