Powered All Purpose Chair (EPC) Series

Versatile, easy to use, and time efficient. Treat, transfer, and transport patients on a comfortable chair configuration. Provides positioning capabilities for a variety of procedures and all phases of treatment. Ideal for Emergency/Triage and Same Day Services.

Operational Benefits

  • This versatile chair adjusts easily from sitting to supine and provides a stable work surface during patient treatment.
  • The chair offers simple controls for adjustment of height, backrest, leg section, and Trendelenburg.
  • The APC All Purpose Chair provides superior mobility and maneuverability, and is intended for intra- and inter-departmental transport

Economic Benefits

  • Pre-induction, transport, treatment, and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turnaround and streamline patient handling.
  • Reduces staff time and prevents staff injury involved in transferring patient during various phases of care.

Patient Outcome and Safety Benefits

  • A full range of patient positioning is achieved to allow patient comfort during every phase of care including transport, clinical procedures, and recovery.
  • Improves the quality of care and reduces risk of patient injury by eliminating multiple patient transfers.
  • With the hand held control, patients can position themselves during recovery, which minimizes staff involvement and can help shorten recovery time.

Ideal for:

  • Emergency/Triage and same day services
  • Surgery Center – General, Orthopedic, etc.
  • Physician’s Office
  • Dialysis Clinic
  • GI Lab

Hausted® All Purpose Chair Benifits:  

• Streamlined handling through treatment, transport and recovery
• Hand held control pendant for height adjustments, backrest and leg section angles (EPC)
• Multi-positional, moving from chair to stretcher position in seconds
• Emergency Release lever for immediate release of patient’s back (EPC)
• Low height for easy patient transfer (EPC)
• 500lb (227 kg) weight capacity evenly distributed (EPC)
• Improved side rail design
• Powered (EPC) or Hydraulic (APC) models available
• Easy to clean thermoformed base with space spacing footprint makes chair easy to transport
• Four wheel brake and steer system with 5 in (13 cm) easy rolling casters